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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Asian Favourites

It's been lovely weather most of the week, I had a good slashing back in the garden, and planted Broad Beans for next spring. Now we have easterly drizzle which can last for days, and is not conducive for selling real estate or walking and kayaking.
There is an interesting "cage in" nearby at Waikouati, where a man has taken a month out of his life to try and improve the lot of caged hens. It has caused quite a bit of controversy locally, I stopped for a chat with him one day and he didn't seem like weirdo or anything, rather a nice guy, check it out in
We love Asian food, but when my sister emailed me this recipe form a friend of hers I thought, ho hum, but I'll give it a go, and I wrestled with cutting the noodles as there seemed too many for two people,  its like cutting nylon wire, and of course as my sister pointed out, much easier to do when they are cooked! duh! It tastes very very good, try it, and I promise if you like Asian food you will love it.
parata ave 002parata ave 005
Rump steak [diced smallish, I will try it smaller next time] 
Chopped garlic...she uses at least 3 cloves 
Chopped ginger (more than you think). I think Annie said at least 3 teaspoons. 
About 1 tbsp oil [I used peanut] 
Soy sauce about 1/4cup 
Bean thread vermicelli [1 packet serves about 6
Sauté garlic and ginger in the oil until golden, 1 or 2 minutes
Add diced beef and sauté until cooked-lid on the pot/pan, low and slow, 30 to 50 minutes. 
Boil the kettle, add vermicelli to a bowl. cover with the hot water. It will soften in about 10 minutes, cut a bit with kitchen scissors if you like. 
Add vermicelli to the beef with enough soy sauce to colour and flavour.  Simmer another few minutes. 
Add some water if it becomes dry.  Be careful not to stir too much as it 'mushes' the spaghetti. 
A dollop of Key Kap Mainis “sweet soy sauce” is nice on top. 
Serve with stir fried veg. 
The following recipe is from an Asian student going to school in NZ and staying with an NZ family, she rang her Mum for this sothat she could cook it for her NZ family.
baking 009 
8 chicken drumsticks skin on (the skin is important for flavour, and is so tasty to eat!)
 250 ml water
120ml balsamic vinegar
80 ml soy sauce
40 gm sugar
1 garlic clove, peeled and bruised
1 small hot chili pepper slit open, seeds removed 
Place all the ingredients in a saucepan over a high heat.
Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer for about 20 minutes.
Remove any scum that rises to the surface.

Increase the heat, turning the drumsticks frequently in the sauce, and cook until the liquid has reduced to a sticky glaze.

Arrange the chicken on a serving platter, remove the garlic clove and chili from the liquid, and spoon the glaze over.

The sauce will thicken to a glaze if you are patient. It just takes a bit of time. If you feel your chicken is cooked (and going to over cook) remove it before going on to reduce the sauce. Same thing, if you must use breast meat, remove it (so it doesn't dry out) and continue reducing the sauce . If you do it this way rather than thickening with cornstarch you will get a richer glaze and not need to add stock or broth instead of the water. It just takes patience. 

NOTE It's a glaze rather than a sauce, so there's not a whole lot of it and watch as it nears the end or it will catch quickly and turn into toffee.

This is so good it is very hard to stop at one drumstick!


malayan curry   malayan potoe curry

The recipe uses Malayan curry powder which can be brought in Asian food stores, as well as usual curry powder ingredients it has cinnamon and cloves, if you can’t get it try adding a ¼ tsp of each to the curry powder you usually use. 


½ cup Malay curry powder 

tbsp sweet paprika 

¼ tsp chilli powder 

½ cup water 

½ cup oil 

1 onion thinly sliced 

6 cloves garlic peeled and chopped 

1.5kgs of a firm type of potato 

20 fresh curry leaves or a handful of dried 

100gms of dry coconut powder or a small can[100gm] of coconut cream 

2 cups water 

1 tsps caster sugar 

Combine, curry powder, paprika and chilli with the ½ cup of water in a small bowl until a paste is formed. 

Heat the oil in a wok and fry the onion and garlic until soft. 

Add the spice paste and cook for a couple of mins or until oil starts to separate. 

Add potatoes, curry leaves and 2 cups water, combine well and simmer for about 20 mins until potatoes just cooked. 

Mix coconut powder to paste with ½ cup of water and sugar, add to curry, combine well, season and serve with Roti to dip. 

FRESH CHUTNEY  accompaniment for curry

fresh relish


1 large onion thinly sliced

4 cherry tomatoes or smaller tomatoes quartered

1 courgette or carrot [optional]

1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce or a green chilli finely chopped

1 tbsp bottled mint sauce

1 tbsp chopped fresh coriander

Juice of a lemon

Salt to taste

MethodMix all togetherCan be served immediately or kept overnight in fridge.

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